Waynesville, OH

Fly Fishing



The common Carp is the #1 sport fish in the world. Most people think of them as a trash fish, bottom-feeder, or something to shoot with a bow. That is bull! More people on planet Earth fish for Carp and a select few master anglers chase them with a fly. Pound-for-pound nothing fights harder in fresh water than the Carp.

Mirror Carp

These guys are slightly different in appearance than their cousin, the common Carp. Fish lose their scales the bigger they get and have a smaller, thinner mouth. In our experience, the Mirror Carp provides a tougher fight.


A.K.A. "Sheepshead" or "Black Drum." These guys are a challenge on the fly. When you hook-up and get them near the boat, hold on and try not to get wet.

Bass & Bluegill

When you get that perfect shot on a Carp or Drum, you will find that these guys will grab your fly first. And you will not be happy about it.