Athens, TN

Fly Fishing



The shallow water bays & hidden backwaters of Lake Chickamauga make for an incredible fly fishery. The "Chick" is always rated in the top five Bass lakes by B.A.S.S. Magazine. Take it from us, we're the only ones throwing flies at them and they crush them.


Quite possibly the most fun a fly angler can have on the water. Sight fishing at its finest! Schools of hundreds make for easy hookups but getting these hard fighters in the boat for the hero shot is a challenge.


Seems the bigger they get, the smarter they are. All the Carp on the Chick are BIG. So far, our biggest fish in the boat was a 44lb grassy that breached like a tarpon three times.


We will throw flies at anything we see swimming. We put a 25lb Blue Cat in the boat with a carp fly. It didn't put up a fight at all.