Seaside Heights

Owner Name: Lavern aka "Love"

Our Recommendation: Absolutely everything is a must try!

Love will also cook up your fresh catch.


Owner Name: Tide

Our Recommendation: BBQ and whole Snapper

Also has the coldest beer in town.


Owner Name: Ashton

Our Recommendation: Lobster.

Ashton wins first prize out of all Belize at Lobsterfest each year

Snack Shack

Owner Name: April

Our Recommendation: The Belizean Breakfast and the "ginormous" burritos.

April makes the burritos for our boat lunches.

Fire Harth Bar & Grill

Owner Name: Mel

Our Recommendation: BBQ and the best rice and beans in Belize.

This is where we eat and drink when we do a jungle tour.