Fly Fishing



Permit is the "holy grail" to a fly fisherman. Punta Gorda, Belize gives you more shots at catching a permit on the fly than any other location in the western hemisphere. Fishing is year-round & best done after a new moon


Our Bonefish are on the reef year-round and rarely fished for. Believe it or not, it's hard to pull people away from Permit fishing to chase the Bones even for a day.

Tarpon & Snook

Can be found in the lagoonal & river systems year-round and are often targeted between tides and low light periods. Top water poppers really pay off here because it draws them out of the mangroves.

Jacks & Cudas

Winter time is great because these guys get skinny chasing Needlefish. They provide a ton of action between the tides.

Reef Fishing

Trolling & deep jigging the reef will produce fish all day. Belize is the number one Snapper spawning ground in the world (I saw that on Planet Earth). With any reef system, you will have Grouper, Wahoo, and Tuna.

Spear Fishing

Lionfish. Makes for great Ceviche Enough said.